About Us

We get up every morning knowing that every moment matters.  Everything that we do matters to all of us all for all time.

How do you inspire people to change the world?  Simple Food Group celebrates everyone’s story.


We are in business to change the world one bite at a time.  And it starts with people.

We believe that if we treat each other with genuine kindness and respect and if we are good stewards of what we have been provided; then we will change the world.  This is why we are in business.  It just so happens that we operate a couple of cafes and a bakery.

It starts with people.  The people who grow and raise our ingredients.  The people who work in our cafes and the bakery.  The customers who make it all sustainable.  Everyone has a story and their stories become those of Simple Food Group.

We want to change how people treat each other, how people eat, how we take care of what we have been provided, how people run their businesses.

Each ingredient we use in our food and baked goods comes with a story.  We know the stories because we know our farmers and producers.  You can learn their stories on our Farmers page.  It is why we are in business.  It is the way we think business should be conducted.  We believe that we can change lives by how we conduct our business, how we live our daily lives.

We cook our food thoughtfully and with respect because we know the stories of love, sweat, and tears that went into producing the fresh ingredients that we use in our recipes.  Each egg, each slice of bread, each piece of fruit carries a story.  Lynn delivers her eggs each week often with her young granddaughter riding alongside her in the pick-up.  Our bread bakers bake bread from scratch daily, using a starter that is now over three years old.  We pick up some of our fresh fruits and vegetables from the Sweet Corn Lady, her daughter, and granddaughters in the Delavan inlet.  Theresa works the stand during the harvest season and is a tax accountant in the dormant season.  It is because of these people that we are able to produce the freshest meals possible in southeastern Wisconsin.

Sharing a meal can change lives.  Exchanging a few words with a stranger at a neighboring table may leave a lasting impression that brings warmth to a cold day.  Seeing the smile of a person who loves what they do can inspire us to find that job that inspires us.  These are the stories of Simple Food Group.  They happen every day inside and outside our businesses and our lives.  Sometimes the results are known, most times they are not.

This is what we do and who we are.  It is Simple.