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Offering full service on our NEW patio

Curbside delivery and take out options also available
Open Wednesday-Sunday, 8am-2pm



Changing the World One Bite at a Time

The tone has shifted. It started months ago when a novel virus showed up in our country and we were asked to isolate from one another, to spend more time inside, to make decisions driven by the protection of ourselves and one another. We were charged with learning to live again, in a new way and with a new outlook. We were asked to be more human.

We are looking ahead to welcoming customers back into our dining room. We have another chance at making a first impression.

We’re excited to see people share a meal again. We’re excited to have our patio filled with chatter and laughter. We’re hopeful that we can offer a space to encourage real dialogue about topics that might even be uncomfortable. Sharing a meal opens the opportunity for deeper connection and empathy. It’s one of the things we’ve loved most about food all along.

Since opening almost 9 years ago, our mission has been to change the world one bite at a time. In 2020, we have found new ways to do that. We are committed to affecting change, starting with what seems like the most obvious place to start – our people. We know that investing in our teams and leading in a truly human way will result in changes we may never know, changes that no one of us could ever accomplish on our own.

We will reopen, but will not be going back to normal. Normal wasn’t good enough. Normalizing exhaustion, inequity, greed and self-interest won’t work anymore. We have an opportunity to do something better. We are committed to helping rewrite the path for our future, the future of our teams, our community, our country and our world


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